The Ripper 1991 >

Criminal psychologist Dr. Verónica Arizméndi (Edith González) gets the opportunity of a lifetime: A chance to study "The Descuartizador" (Jorge Reynoso), a vicious serial murderer who has gained notoriety thanks to the press and his sadistic crimes.

Trapped! 1994 >

Four beautiful women are stalked by a sadistic hunter known as The Trapper. Each of them is snared in a trap and then stripped of their clothes, left bound, gagged and helpless and then brutally attacked. After one of them dies, a girl escapes and then plots her revenge.

Psycho Dance 1992 >

Charlie kidnaps six beautiful women and takes them to his basement and holds them in chains. What terrible fate awaits them?

Last Halloween >

In this short film, Sarah and Matt have a 'unique' relationship. But when they throw a Halloween party, things take a turn for the worse.

Magic Implants 1989 >

Permana is a playboy while Nancy is a seductress. Both use black magic against each other. At first, Nancy uses black magic to seduce Permana, to play with him and to leech off his wealth. When he realizes this, Permana uses black magic in turn to try to destroy Nancy by conjuring up a demon.

Visions 1989 >

A man has troubling visions that lead him to suspect he may be a killer who is murdering hobos around town.

Manhandlers >

Two guys desperate for cash open their own muscle-for-hire business. This inadvertently opens a gateway into the heart of the city's seedy underworld. Under constant attack from hitmen, zombies, religious extremists, and serial killers - can they rescue their baby and pay the rent on time?

Fallen Angels Paradise 1989 >

A female teacher purchases an old house that turns out to be haunted. An evil psychic, who's conjuring up spirits in an attempt to force the teacher into selling, is responsible.

Ghost in ICU Room 1987 >

A doctor's jealous, controlling wife is accidentally killed in a car accident and returns to haunt the hospital where he works and kill both staff and patients.

This Woman is Not a Ghost 1987 >

A woman's odd behavior makes everyone around her wonder if she's possessed or a ghost. Her husband is driven into the arms of a mistress and her best friend seeks guidance from a spirit doctor until she's found dead. The friend's boyfriend then decides to get the bottom of things.

Ghost Of Mae Nak 1978 >

Remake of the 1960 ghost film of the same name. This was remade yet again two years later.

Goddess of Wind 1994 >

Black magician Umbul Suko trains three disciples to become powerful warriors and they use their powers to wreak havoc on neighboring villages. Nyi Roro Kidul, the Queen of the Southern Seas, also becomes involved.

The Man Who Sits with the Dead 1988 >

Descended from a long line of Satanists, a man is given the role of sitting with the dead. He gets fed up with and wants a normal life but is tempted back over to the dark side by necrophilia.